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All houses are fully equipped and with heating, fans or air-conditioning hot/cold

Fire wood is extra, and sold by the kilo.

Guests are expected to leave a clean house, wash up and dispose of all rubbish.

Arrival time, approx around 16.00. However, please check as an earlier entrance might be possible.

Departure time, approx around 10.00 am. However, please check as a later departure might be possible.

Building works: building works may suddenly, without advance notice, occur somewhere in the vicinity of your accommodation.This is beyond the control of MallorcaHus. However, if this would be the case, and you would feel inconvenience with your accommodation, we will do our utmost to offer you an alternative accommodation to the same standard, but we will not accept any liability or pay any compensation.

Transport and Transfer

The 3 km Sóller tunnel built in 1997, makes the Sóller valley accessible from Palma airport in 30 minutes, by car.

From Plaza de España in Palma, there is:

We are happy to assist you with information on airport services such as, car hire, taxi and public transport.

Calculated Time By car

Daily Public transport

Featured Properties

Location: Sóller Valley

2 to 6 people
215 - 272 € / day

Location: Sóller Valley

2 to 8 people
357 - 500 € / day

Location: Other Places

4 to 10 people
400 - 425 € / day